Benefits of Face Tracking | M tech PhD Thesis help in chandigarh

BENEFITS OF FACE TRACKING |  M tech PhD Thesis help in chandigarh

One of the main applications of face tracking is person retrieval from broadcast video, for example: “intelligent fast-forward”, where the video jumps to the next scene containing a certain person/actor; or retrieval of different TV segments, interviews, shows, etc., featuring a given person in a video or a large collection of videos.


Sivic et al., 2005, propose a straightforward way of face tracking for person retrieval from feature-length movie video. At run time, the user outlines a face in a video frame, and the face tracks within the movie are then ranked according to their similarity to the outlined query face in the same way as Google. Since one face track corresponds to one identity, unlike in frame based face detection, the workload of intra-shot face matching is greatly reduced. In addition, face tracking provides multiple examples of the same character’s appearance to help with inter-shot face matching. Face tracking is also used for face-name association, the objective of which is to label television or movie footage with the identity of the person present in each frame of the video.


Everingham et al, 2006, proposed an automatic face-name association system. This system uses a face tracker similar to the one in that can extract a few hundred tracks of each particular character in a single shot. Based on the temporal information obtained from the face tracker, textual information for TV and movie footage including subtitles and transcripts is employed to assign the character’s name to each face track. For instance, shots containing a particular person can be retrieved by inputting a keyword like “Bush” or “Julia Roberts” instead of by inputting an outlined query face, as is used in. Besides broadcast video, face tracking also has important applications in humanoid robotics, visual surveillance, human-computer interaction (HCI), video conferencing, face based biometric person authentication, etc.


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