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Solar Energy

Solar energy is termed as the energy from the sun. The sun has created energy used for billions of years. It is a renewable energy source distinct to non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels. The technologies of solar energy mainly use sun’s energy for generating hot water, light homes, heat homes plus electricity.

Solar energy has great potential, but as long as fossil fuels are available and affordable is concerned, solar energy is left on the backburner. The solar energy is used in basically two forms; the first from concentrates the sunlight and change it into the heat and later applies to the steam generator/engine for converting it into the electricity to heat water, dry crops, and warm water and for destroying the harmful waste. The electricity is produced from the turbines (heated fluid drives) or some other machinery. Production of electrical energy is direct without using moving parts as the second form of solar energy.

The technology of solar energy can be classified into active as well as passive. The solar thermal collectors and Photovoltaic panels can control solar energy and are considered as the example of active solar technology. The passive technology includes developing rooms for improving orienting space, air circulation to positively use sunlight. Earth has 174 Petawatts of received solar radiation in the higher atmosphere and around 30% reflects reverse to space and the left is immersed by clouds, oceans and land masses.

Fig Working of solar energy

Solar power is considered as the main form of solar energy. Solar energy is transformed into electricity with the use of either indirect method (concentrated solar power) or direct method (photo-voltaic). The large beams of sunlight are determined for small beam by mirrors/lenses for concentrated solar power. The photoelectric effect is utilized by Photovoltaic for converting solar energy into electric energy.

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